Saturday, March 17, 2018
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ASELCO APPOINTS NEW BOD An additional member in the person of Jennifer Salas Escobido took oath as representative of the Member-Consumer-Owners (MCO) of Sibagat and Esperanza(District 1)in the Board of Directors of Agusan del Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc., (ASELCO)
CSR Activities Usa ka gatos biente kwuatro (124) ka mga bata sa Singapore Elementary School, Sta. Maria, Trento ang nakadawat karon ug mga bag-ong bag sa atong padayon nga pagpatigayon sa School 's
AKELCO visit ASELCO Last July 11, 2016 representatives from Aklan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AKELCO) visited our cooperative to benchmark on our good practices
Livelihood Training Livelihood Training on Mushroom Production

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  • Clean the fluorescent lights in your house regularly. Accumulated dust and dirt can decreased the
  • illuminations of lights.
  • Replace incandescent Bulbs (IBS) with Compact Flourescent Lamps (CFLs).
  • Replace flourescent tube or starter if your light is about to burn out.
  • Choose an air-conditioning unit with high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).
  • High EER has a more efficient motor that the one with lower ERR and consumes.
  • less electricity.
  • Select an aircon unit whose cooling capacity is appropriate to the size of the room you want
  • to cool
  • Always keep the aircon filter and condenser unit clean.
  • Keep doors and windows closed where aircon is operating.
  • Choose a Refrigerator with a high Energy Efficiency Factor (EEF).
  • A refrigerator with high EEF consumeless electricity as compared with one having a lower EEF.
  • Defrost refs and freezer regulary.
  • More than % inches ice build-up of frost puts up an extra bad compressor motor.
  • Make sure that the condenser coil is clean and working properly.
  • Check refrigerator if it is losing its cool because of a damaged gasket.
    Electric Iron
  • Do all the ironing at one time, say once or twice a week.
  • Iron clothes during off-peak hours (before 9 a.m and after 9 p.m).
  • This helps lessen the demand for electricity during peaks hours.
  • Iron thick clothes first and thin clothes last.
  • Turn off flat iron shortly before ironing the last piece.It will stay hot just enought to finish the job.
  • It will stay hot just enough to finish the job.
  • Turn off the TV and remove the plug when not in use.
  • Don't leave the TV in standby mode as this still consumes electricity.
    Electric Fan
  • Lock the oscillator if air is needed in one direction only.
  • Clean the fan regularly.

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