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The Agusan del Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ASELCO) had formally started its operation on August 26, 1977. The cooperative started its noble existence through a loan through the National Electrification Administration (NEA). NEA is a government agency organized and tasked to provide financial, technical, and institutional assistance to the electric cooperatives in the Philippines. ASELCO is a non-stock, non profit, service-oriented, public enterprise, and non-political electric cooperative organized under Presidential Decree 269 governed and supervised by the National Electric Administration (NEA).

ASELCO is an electric cooperative owned by the member-consumers by virtue of PD 269 through the supervision of NEA, Board of Directors, and General Manager.

After some years of laying ASELCO’s foundation, it had vigorously started its primary mission– to electrify  every Agusanon’s home. True to its zeal and    mission, the pioneers of ASELCO enthusiastically instigated the thrust of rural electrification program  throughout the entire province of Agusan del Sur from the early 80s up to the present.

Today, all the thirteen (13) municipalities and one (1) city are energized and it is extended towards the three hundred fifteen (315) barangays and hundreds of sitios and puroks. The developing landscape of the entire province is a legacy not only of good governance but also because of the birth of electricity that becomes essential and  vital to socio-economic development.

At present, ASELCO has five (5) Sub-stations in the different distribution areas namely: 5 MVA in Trento Area office; 10 MVA in  Bayugan 3, Rosario; 10 MVA in San Francisco Main office; 5 MVA in Talacogon Area office; and 10 MVA in Bayugan City Area office. ASELCO has 40 MVA total capacity serving the entire province.

To date, the Cooperative is growing in membership and manpower annually. As of  June 2011 it  has recorded 56,847 total number of member-consumers. Its manpower is 214.

ASELCO envisioned to become competitive and committed to deliver the best, quality, efficient, affordable and round the clock electric service in the emergent electricity market.

Republic Act 9136 (R.A. 9136 as amended) or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA) is a law of the land promulgated to  bring and promote reforms in the power industry. After its promulgation, it had triggered most of the electric cooperatives to become more competitive and competent.Electricity market or power sector is dynamic. Nevertheless, ASELCO embark into another  way of facing the many changes and challenges in the power industry to be able to withstand the strong competition in the electricity market.ASELCO will be turning 34 on August 2011 and yet, seemingly, we have only just began. ASELCO is geared towards reaching its vision-mission-goals through a Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bounded (SMART), collective, and coordinated efforts.The cooperative’s board of directors, management and staff work collectively to achieve a common goal for the benefit of the member-consumers.  ASELCO is presently focuses to improve coop’s revenue by maintaining A+ categorization, system’s loss within the ERC’s prescribed SL cap by apprehending pilferers thru massive anti-pilferage campaign, improve collection efficiency to perfection, improve delivery of service thru excellent customer service, improve distribution lines, and continuous energization.It is a fervent hope of the cooperative to deliver a better and improved service to every  Agusanon.ASELCO is one of the electric cooperatives with extra large classification in the entire country and in Caraga region.  It is the second largest among ECs in Caraga region next to ANECO.  


We commit to deliver reliable, reasonable and efficient services for the socio-economic growth of the people.


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